Black diamond bracelets

Origin and meaning

Unlike white diamonds, which are formed near volcanic rock, black diamonds are found in completely different locations. Usually, they are extracted from alluvial sediment in Brasil and Central Africa. In any case, the formation of such gemstones is still a mystery.

A rare and fascinating stone, the black diamond is sophisticated, beautiful and rare.

It is not just about the color but also the opacity that makes it unique. These characteristics come from the presence of iron oxide and iron in the gem. It is formed by a type of carbon that is different from that of other diamonds. The color of high-quality black diamonds varies from dark grey to black. They have a similar appearance to onyx but have internal cleavage and are opaque.

Black diamonds are not shiny or sparkly like other diamonds, but its intensity combined with an Italiana Gioielli setting creates a mysterious and fascinating piece of jewelry.

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