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Our deep passion for beauty and dedication has led us, our team and our work to develop a company that has managed to successfully distinguish itself despite being founded in a small town in inland Sicily.

The story of Gioielli Di Prima began on March 29, 1979, when Pietro Di Prima and his wife Maria founded the company, which soon became a point of reference for chic and classy jewelry.

Our expertise has helped us expand the business with a new showroom in Canicattì on Viale Regina Margherita, 230, which is managed by Finella, their daughter, who has demonstrated excellent business savvy following her specialization in marketing and design.

Our company immediately acquired a goldsmith laboratory managed by a team of Valencian goldsmith masters. Salvatore, Finella’s future husband, followed a professional training course to become an exceptional master in working with and setting precious metals. After establishing himself in the field, he decides to expand his passion by studying precious stones, eventually achieving his goal of becoming an IGI gemologist.

Gioielli Di Prima has always received statements of esteem and recognition from its clientele, who are more and more informed, prepared and demanding on the subject.

The continuous strengthening of the company has allowed us to create a close-knit team of designers, programmers, goldsmiths, setters and sales professionals. Our staff is qualified, organized, available and always attentive towards the needs of its clients, all in a family-oriented environment that doesn’t neglect professionalism and a desire to actively serve customers.

Our passion for this industry has been handed down through the family, with later generations learning to take over and continue the family tradition today with a new spirit of innovation. Filippo follows in the footsteps of his father, becoming a gemologist at 19, while Marzia is studying Economics and Marketing.

The company establishes itself more every day, focusing on growth and excellence, distinguishing itself with professionalism, elegance and the unique style of its jewelry. A strong entrepreneurial spirit and great foresight have allowed Gioielli Di Prima to grow and expand to the rest of the world through its e-commerce website, competing with others with its entirely “Made in Italy” pieces.

The secret to our success is our new interpretation of luxury as accessible for anyone.

We boast an artisan production that illustrates the essence of emotion, producing pieces that wear like a dream.