Guarantee and certificates

As required by law, each piece of jewelry sold by has the manufacturers stamp and the fineness of the precious metal.

As for the gemstones, a careful selection is made in order to find ones with the best value for money.

Generally, we set medium- to high-quality diamonds and colored gemstones.
Every characteristic and detail of the piece is scrupulously listed on its technical sheet. For some pieces, it is possible to request other types of gemstones with different characteristics.

Each piece of jewelry purchased comes with an invoice that can be viewed under “My orders” and is equipped with a Warranty and Authenticity Certificate that details the precise nature and weight of all the parts and that attests to its value and authenticity.

The story of our diamonds

Our company does not buy diamonds from illegal sources or from ones involved in financing conflicts. This statement is made on the basis of personal connections and/or with written guarantees from our diamond suppliers.

Gioielli Di Prima Srl, which owns the Italiana Gioielli brand, is a retail jewelry business recognized by the Borsa Diamanti d'Italia as a point of reference for its expertise, professionalism and honesty in the buying and selling of diamonds in our country.