Diamond pendants

What is a diamond necklace?

A diamond necklace will never go out of style. It adds a sweet, romantic touch to whomever wears one. A diamond necklace is beloved by all women for its allure and elegance. It can be worn with any outfit, which makes it the perfect gift.

When should you give a diamond necklace as a gift?

There is no specific occasion. It can be given to celebrate an important anniversary or any other life event. A diamond necklace is a timeless gift but one that will surely leave a mark and surprise your loved one.

The diamond necklaces at Italiana Gioielli are of the highest quality, the result of a meticulous selection by our gemologist.

Italiana Gioielli’s diamond necklaces are perfect for any occasion. Tradition, exclusivity and sophistication are key elements used to give you the perfect piece of jewelry, one that is perfect in style and harmonious in form. Below you can select the model that best reflects your style! 

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