Emerald bracelets

Ever since antiquity, precious stones have been considered good luck charms for their rarity and resistance by populations all across the world who have found them to have great value.

Today, we are definitely not as superstitious as we were in the past, but knowing the symbolic meaning of precious stones is still very fascinating and can make a gift or personal purchase even more special and meaningful.

The meaning of emeralds

In ancient times, green was the color of rebirth. Emeralds were also considered helpful in defeating shyness and being more eloquent.

The emerald is a green gemstone that belongs to the beryl family. Its color comes from the presence of chromium, vanadium and iron, different amounts of which create different shades. The stone should be selected according to the following characteristics:

  • Shade: the shade of an emerald can vary from green-blue to yellow-green.
  • Tone: this refers to the intensity of the green. The medium-dark tone has the highest value. Too dark, too blue or yellow or too clear are less valuable.
  • Saturation: this is the transparency of the stone. The value is proportional to the transparency and therefore the shininess. You must be careful though because sometimes the stones can be oiled. It is best to find out if the ring has undergone some sort of treatment or at least find someone you trust with the process.
  • Cut: the best cut is called “emerald cut” (used also for other stones), which perfectly enhances the color and shine of the stone. The classic ring with a square emerald started as an octagon whose corners are cut in this way.
  • Clarity: If there are inclusions present, this devalues the stone because it makes it less transparent and clear, as well as more fragile. In any case, the right cut can fix this problem.

When should you give an emerald as a gift?

There is no specific occasion for emeralds. They can be given to celebrate an important anniversary or any other life event. An emerald and diamond bracelet is a timeless gift but one that will surely leave a mark and surprise your loved one.

The emerald bracelets at Italiana Gioielli are of the highest quality, the result of a meticulous selection by our gemologist.

Italiana Gioielli’s emerald and diamond bracelets are perfect for any occasion. Tradition, exclusivity and sophistication are key elements used to give you the perfect piece of jewelry, one that is perfect in style and harmonious in form. Below you can select the model that best reflects your style!

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