Eternity rings

What is the meaning of an eternity ring?

A symbol of love that never goes out of style, a diamond eternity ring has always been appreciated because it tells a woman that this is not just a piece of jewelry but a true promise. 


The eternity ring is said to represent the eternal cycle of life, full of meaning, a thoughtful gift for important milestones like an anniversary, the birth of a child, a special moment for a couple, or maybe even just because.

The eternity ring remains a classic in the collective imagination despite the name being lesser known compared to the three-stone and solitaire rings. It is more often defined as a wedding ring and comes in different types: a half-eternity, full-eternity, five-stone and seven-stone. The choice is all about your taste, the woman's style or the man's ability to choose the right ring for his other half.

The cost of these rings can vary depending on the gemstones, which can be different sizes. For example, a central diamond could be bigger than the timeless and classic accent stones. Italiana Gioielli's eternity rings are the perfect gift - a symbol of eternity and light on the hand of your significant other.

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