Hoop earrings

Origin and meaning

The origin of these earrings is much older than we think. Decorating the body and the ornamentation of ourselves and some parts of our bodies is actually part of a very long cultural evolution. 
The story of hoop earrings involves history and myth. They are one of the most ancient and unique accessories. In fact, there are not many reliable historical sources to help analyze the evolution of this earring, but we know for sure that this style was used back in the bronze age, most likely worn by those of high social status as a symbol of wealth.

One interesting thing about hoop earrings is that they began mainly as an accessory for men. In Ancient Egypt, men and pharaohs began to adorn themselves with gold and silver jewelry, which can be seen in their early hieroglyphics in which they wore hoop earrings and chains.

There are many meanings and beliefs connected to this piece of jewelry. It can symbolize a romantic person who likes being around others. There is also the idea that a circle is infinite, like time, and that things in nature that give us life are circular, such as the sun, the Earth and the moon. In general, the circle is a supreme symbol of life without beginning or end. 

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