Ruby pendants

Ever since antiquity, precious stones have been considered good luck charms for their rarity and resistance by populations all across the world who have found them to have great value.

Today, we are definitely not as superstitious as we were in the past, but knowing the symbolic meaning of precious stones is still very fascinating and can make a gift or personal purchase even more special and meaningful.

The meaning of rubies

Natural rubies are one of four precious stones, along with diamonds, emeralds and sapphires. They are known for their rarity, monetary value and hardness (second only to diamonds). Rubies are a red corundum, a mineral made of aluminum oxide and chromium, which gives it its rich red color. The name derives from the Latin Rubeus, meaning red.

It is an intense red and glossy stone that has acquired special and symbolic meaning over time. Some of its meanings include:

  • Spiritual meaning

    Rubies are known as protective stones that can bring happiness and passion to the lives of those who wear them. In addition to their red color, this makes it perfect as a gift for a loved one or as a Valentine’s Day or anniversary present. Since the shade of the ruby is similar to blood, which carries oxygen throughout the body, the precious stone also represents vitality and energy. They are believed to have the power to align oneself and give energy to the body. It is also believed that rubies protect those who wear them from negative entities because they release positive energy, promoting spiritual vitality and general wellbeing.

  • Emotional meaning

    Rubies have long represented romantic love. It is said that they inspire devotion and loyalty within a romantic relationship and that the fire red color and sparkle can inspire sensuality in those who wear them. Rubies are often given as a gift for a 15th or 40th wedding anniversary.
    Romantic connotations aside, rubies are beautiful and versatile stones that anyone can wear. They are said to promote self-care and inspire loyalty in facing all aspects of life. Often rubies are also believed to reduce anxiety and doubt, encouraging those who wear them to live fully and embrace everything. They also allow one to see the strength and potential of their heart.

  • Wellbeing meaning

    In crystal healing, rubies are used to alleviate pain and help with blood and circulation problems, low energy, heart problems and detoxification. Throughout history, rubies were rubbed on one’s skin to promote vitality and youth, and therefore, are said to help with the general wellbeing of these areas and improve health.


When should you give a ruby as a gift?

There is no specific occasion for rubies. They can be given to celebrate an important anniversary or any other life event. A ruby and diamond pendant is a timeless gift but one that will surely leave a mark and surprise your loved one.

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